summer - boxxybabee01-07-2008 00:06:23 [67]

what r yall doing this summer

deathly - Anonymous15-04-2008 15:08:12 [66]

space chillout afterlife dolphin session

Going to the zoo - Harrison15-04-2008 15:04:06 [65]

What animals

intergalactic milk men - Anonymous14-04-2008 16:42:12 [64]

as we reach into the depths of the stars we need our milk to be right at our side, i propose that before the great space expansion starting 2045 we develop our own space equipment and sell and deliver milk. in space. before those monkey jews monopolise on it

chiyochan... . - osaka31-03-2008 21:21:26 [63]

why're you flyin', chiyochan?

Barack Obama - Anonymous30-03-2008 23:11:20 [62]

A black president??? Do you think he'll win???

bart - Anonymous30-03-2008 01:14:50 [61]

i farted like really hard

Favorite breakfast food? - Anonymous19-02-2008 13:18:24 [60]

I must know [mine's French toast :)]

any chiyos - LCL15-02-2008 10:46:22 [59]

paging all chiyos

ROLEPLAY THREAD - Anonymous13-02-2008 11:07:25 [58]


i hate you - dave13-02-2008 02:55:46 [57]

why do you even fucking exist you utter piece of human garbage?

i hate you - dave13-02-2008 02:55:45 [56]

why do you even fucking exist you utter piece of human garbage?

check up - illia06-02-2008 01:26:03 [55]

hey brodies how are yall BE HONEST..,.,.,

THREAD 9 - 「」03-02-2008 20:24:16 [54]

Can we forcefully cirno it please. Like forcefull CIrnoification GET RID OF THAT IDIOT TIM ALLEN AND CIRNO IT!!!! NOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!

hmm - roro29-01-2008 00:07:50 [53]

thoughts on mac demarco

it is NOT 2006! - Anonymous28-01-2008 09:38:11 [52]

why oh WHY is the copyright date 2006?!?!?!?!?!?! as we ALL KNOW it is NOT 2006! it is in FACT 2008!!!!!! please please PLEASE FIX THIS!

ama - joe poopson22-01-2008 01:31:37 [51]

I am joe poopson of the world famous poopson brothers ask me anything please

:) - i am tired20-01-2008 14:41:30 [50]


its 2008 and NOT 2022 - noroct20-01-2008 00:32:59 [49]

i bet that new site twitter dot com is gonna get real big in the future

do you have a PS3 yet? - Xx_H4rdc0r3_xX12-01-2008 14:53:30 [48]

I love Drakengard (Hopefully we'll get more games in the series..probably not LOL) and I really am loving the PSPlus service. Also, there's so many good games on the PSP! I really like kingdom hearts so far (NO SPOILERS!!!) Has anyone else here played any Final Fantasy games yet? I know 12 came out a few years ago but I'm really hyped for 13!! Also if you play GMOD please message me. Please.

I'm seriously pissed. - Anonymous09-01-2008 00:49:44 [47]

I thought about posting this to /x/, but I'll post it here.

I'm the poster of the 44th thread, and somehow when I posted the URL, it was changed to gats, a site with gay images.

Believe it or not, someone really did change the text in the thread after I posted it.

This site has either a nasty administrator or a nasty hacker. I am not lying.

liver - Anonymous06-01-2008 13:53:24 [46]

hey chiyoheads i NEED to know the LONG TERM EFFECTS of ALCOHOL on the LIVER

please i am desperate

important topic - Anonymous03-01-2008 22:23:53 [45]

who has the best chicken nuggets

meb - Anonymous03-01-2008 03:09:14 [44]

As you may know, there is another myspace93 alternative, [goatse](

New year - Anonymous02-01-2008 15:26:04 [43]

Happy 2008 chiyoheads!!

hi - Harrison30-12-2007 08:51:59 [42]

*blushes* omg hiii

Christmas - Anonymous28-12-2007 18:46:50 [41]

What did you guys get for Christmas?

I got a banjo.

Question - Somebody28-12-2007 03:57:33 [40]

Is it possible for somebody to become senile at a young age?

Myspace93 - Anonymous28-12-2007 00:03:08 [39]

Has anyone else noticed how Tom is still active from time to time despite the rest of the site being frozen? The service ended on 29/06/2021, but I noticed that 2 months ago his last login was on 04/10/2021, and right now it's 23/11/2021.

hi - Anonymous04-12-2007 00:22:05 [38]

i love being a interdimensional being its so funny and scrunkly like if agree

pingas - Anonymous03-12-2007 01:26:08 [37]

hello i am a part time self trained pilot flying for southwest out of sarasota. but i was wondering whether if there were any free ways to get free robucks. i relly wan get my dream hair, shaggy. plssss.

Pizza Hut Families Rule - Anonymous23-11-2007 00:12:12 [36]

Transcend... Spiritual Reality!

Little Debbie Cakes Are - NormOct22-11-2007 03:41:33 [35]

ok I guess

Junger Mann gesucht - Franky16-11-2007 20:37:40 [34]

Hi, bist du zwischen 18 und 30 Jahren alt und hast einen normal gebauten Körper, und möchtest du gerne geschlachtet werden, dann komm zu mir, ich werde es machen.

Bewerbung bitte mit Angabe von Alter, Größe und Gewicht, am besten mit Foto.


banana bus - Anonymous14-11-2007 20:18:22 [33]

poodi poodi banana bus

:^) - Anonymous10-11-2007 09:26:44 [32]


▲ ▲

windows93".com"??? - Purple07-11-2007 08:06:26 [31]

We are all familiar with windows93 ".net", but by changing the domain to .com, you will be redirected to a fake virus warning site.

Well, I don't think the users of this site will be fooled, but it was an interesting discovery and I thought I'd post it.

In case you are wondering, I was connected to a fake Microsoft site, is it the same for you?

hi guys - Miku06-11-2007 22:58:06 [30]

guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys have yoyu ever heard of black rock shooetr

embed test - swagonymous06-11-2007 06:00:25 [29]



test - test05-11-2007 11:32:42 [28]


real boy - get real03-11-2007 11:44:03 [27]

get real

swagonymous - Anonymous02-11-2007 09:07:19 [26]

guys who is swagonymous i must know

corpus visible! - swagonymous02-11-2007 01:27:23 [25]


.---------. | == |

|.-"""""-.| |----|

|| || | == |

|| || |----|

|'-.....-'| |::::|

`"")---(""` |___.|

/:::::::::::\" _ "


`"""""""""""""` '-'

hello! i hope we have monospace font maybe!

Schmutzige Füße - Anonymous01-11-2007 17:24:35 [24]

Schmutzige Füße in die Mikrowelle stellen.

mike - spammers01-11-2007 15:41:10 [23]

please mike pick up the phone

Harrison - Harrison01-11-2007 08:10:52 [22]


IDEA - Anonymous30-10-2007 20:11:05 [21]

Change the year on the posts so instead of 2021 it says 2006 or something

hello anons - Anonymous30-10-2007 19:52:01 [20]


bing bing wahoo

cow tools - swagonymous29-10-2007 22:52:56 [19]

cow tools? cow tools.

Hat - Anonymous28-10-2007 17:55:17 [18]

I am wearing a fedora, help

Heelo, its me, da joodz - PacJudes28-10-2007 14:51:40 [17]

welcome to the best site of all timez

it will get you bitchez, and plushie photos from yours truly :>

for now look at these swagger emoticonz




post ur favoritez down belowww :>

so like - illia28-10-2007 06:05:19 [16]

you know those times when you just..yeah :o)

What year is it? - Miku28-10-2007 00:37:49 [15]


yall know abt this? - nu-1328-10-2007 00:32:16 [14]

has anyone heard of the uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yk the uhhhhhh ummmm ermmmmmmmmm uhhhhhmmmmmmm i cant rember its like the the uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm uhhhhhh ah the i forgor but uhh ummmm umm um ermmm uh i think it happened in uhhhh hm hmmmmm ermmm uhhh uhh uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm sorry guys i forgor

YAAOAOOOAOAO - Miku28-10-2007 00:28:41 [13]


soup - soup27-10-2007 22:24:14 [12]


hi guys - WAAAAAAAAA27-10-2007 22:00:16 [11]


hello !!!! - Anonymous27-10-2007 21:24:03 [10]

hello fellow anons!!! how are all of you today???

AEUHHH???? - Tim Allen27-10-2007 20:54:10 [9]


Beep Boop - Robot27-10-2007 20:51:37 [8]

Beep Boop Beep Boop

Help! - Mr.KnowItall27-10-2007 20:42:17 [7]

There is literally nothing I do not know! Please, I beg you, tell me something new to know!

Pingas or zingas??? - Harrison27-10-2007 20:19:15 [6]

I've been kicking myself in the head over this decision I'm so scared what if I choose the wrong one

the men in the walls - Anonymous27-10-2007 20:16:33 [5]

they keep telling me to digest rats. help

Alright.. - Cave Johnson27-10-2007 20:00:27 [4]

I've been thinking. When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade! Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons!

Wassup - Elitefiree27-10-2007 19:51:04 [3]


ym2612 - 「」27-10-2007 19:46:48 [2]

le opn chip fm synthesis 6 channels AND better that whatever was in the nintendont consoleshehehe B]

Cat discussion - Anonymous27-10-2007 19:43:09 [1]


HEY GUYS - KITTY27-10-2007 19:29:03 [0]